Canon EOS R5 will be released before the Olympics

Canon EOS R5 will be released before the Olympics

According to Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Canon will try to release the EOS R5 and RF 100-400mm F4.5-7.1 as soon as possible before the Tokyo Olympics (starting July 24). Canon’s also reported that the sales dynamics of the EOS-1D X Mark III are better than predicted.

It is expected that the support, maintenance and service that Canon will provide photojournalists at the Olympics will be the largest ever for sporting events. Canon’s always had a very large-scale service support during major sporting events. Typically, a company selects personnel at its regional service centers (CPS) and sends them to service sporting events.

The use of Canon cameras among photojournalists at the Rugby World Cup in 2019 was approximately 70%, which is the absolute leader. However, Canon is not satisfied with this figure, so the company needs the release of EOS R5. Canon believes that if they manage to add new EOS R5 cameras to the assortment, then in combination with successful sales of the 1DX Mark III, the company will be able to exceed the 70% figure at the Tokyo Olympics.

Also, despite the Sony, Panasonic and Canon race for 8K-resolution, it seems that only the latter will be able to realize this. Since Panasonic previously reported that 8K is likely to be postponed for the future, and Sony, according to recent reports, has again delayed the release of the Sony a7sIII (IV) camera due to coronavirus and the transfer of resources to launch production of Play Station 5. And if if everything turns out that way, then Canon will regain absolute leadership in the industry, which will be a huge victory for the company.

Recall that the EOS R5 is still an amateur camera, although it also has the capabilities of a professional. This means that behind the R5 we should wait for an even more advanced mirrorless camera.