How to take pictures of people

How to take pictures of people

Landscapes are excellent, but do people look strange in your photos? Or is everything good with images of people, but want to achieve something more? Then get acquainted with a few simple and understandable tips to learn how to take beautiful pictures of people and get vivid and catchy pictures.
Thanks to the tips in this article, you will learn how to choose the right angle, what role lighting and background play, how to behave so that the model does not look caught in the photo, and a few more useful and interesting facts.

Choosing an angle

Taking a full-length photograph of a person is best from the chest or even model’s waist. Shooting from eye level distorts the proportions of the figure.
If you take a photo portrait on the chest or only the face – in this case, shooting from eye level (or even slightly higher) is quite appropriate.
To achieve special effects, you can photograph a person from above or below. But, of course, only if your goal is a caricature or some kind of playful or thematic image. After all, the person shot from below becomes massive and looks heavy, and the proportions are noticeably distorted. The same thing happens when shooting from above, in this case a person seems elongated, deformed.

Remember that many people look prettier if you shoot them not in the forehead, but in three quarters or a little from the side: the asymmetry of the face is hidden, the cheeks are visually reduced.

Few people look spectacular in the pleasant sense of the word, being shot at attention in the middle of the frame. In each case, it is worth choosing a suitable relaxed pose for shooting.

If you are photographing a group of people, then make sure that everyone enters the frame.

Choose a background

The background may be very important, or it may not play any role. But treat his choice is wise in any case.
Wherever you shoot, make sure that the model does not “stick out of the head” lampposts, trees or other people. The background should be adequate.

Nature photography

When shooting a person in nature, use the basic rules: the rules of the third and the rules of the golden ratio. The person should not be in the middle of the frame, there may also be some interesting elements in the photograph, it is only important to present them correctly.

Technical question: choose a lens

To take a portrait or photograph involving a person – do not miss the lens With a lens, use a lens with a focal length of 50-85 mm to take portraits. When shooting outdoors, you can also use longer telephoto lenses to get a beautifully blurred background. You cannot use wide-angle lenses for portraiture – spatial distortions can “disfigure” your model beyond recognition. Elongated noses or huge hands in the pictures – the result of shooting with a wide angle.

To obtain a blurred background (the so-called “bokeh”), use either a telephoto lens or shoot with small aperture values. If you need a clear background, cover the aperture. A little trick: if you shoot a group portrait on the street in good light, you can use the landscape mode – then all the models will be in focus.