Steps Into Wedding Photography: Poses

Steps Into Wedding Photography: Poses

A little while back Chris Lin wrote his first guest post on adidap : Step into wedding photography with these 20 poses that focused on posing a couple during the wedding day.

Due to the huge success of this post, we have contacted Chris again and he agreed on writing another tutorial on wedding photography.

If, like me, you find posing the groom a challenge then I bet you are about to enjoy this article. The list may not be comprehensive; but it should give you a good base from which you can incorporate your own style and vision.

A big thanks to Chris who is also the editor of SLR Lounge, creator of Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Tutorials. All images are copyright Lin and Jirsa, Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles.

The classic casual look

The classic, must-have portrait of the groom has his body angled, hand(s) in pocket and a casual, natural smile. Make small adjustments in the angle of his body and face to find the most flattering look.

Looking off balcony

If the hotel room has a balcony, this is a great scene for posing the groom in a contemplative pose. With his hands on the railing and his body facing out, have your groom look off into the distance and contemplate his last few hours of freedom.

Groom sitting and looking up

Along the same lines as the pose above, make sure you utilize the nice, soft, dramatic window lighting and do a few more poses. Have the groom sit in a chair with his hands on his knees. He can look at the camera for a few shots and out the window for a few (see pose below).