SWIT announced lighting fixtures FLOW6500 and FLOW10K

SWIT announced lighting fixtures FLOW6500 and FLOW10K

The Chinese company SWIT Electronics Co., Ltd has announced a new professional wireless light FLOW6500 and FLOW10K. The lighting range of the FLOW6500 is 6,500 feet or 2 km, and the range of the FLOW10K is 10,000 feet or 3 km. The company SWIT claims that the new models of lighting devices FLOW will be an excellent tool for mass events or for shooting music videos and even films.

The FLOW6500 and FLOW10K use a high gain external antenna with an integrated receiver. The transmitters are the same size as previous models, the FLOW500 and FLOW2000. The transmitter has 3G / HD-SDI input / output and an HDMI input. Panel receivers are designed so that they can be used on a light tripod.

The panel receiver has a V-mount rear battery mount and a 6-17 V DC-IN connector. There is also an OLED screen that displays the required settings for shooting video, wireless channel and signal strength.

The wireless long-distance communication system allows one transmitter to send signals to several receivers; they can even work together with past FLOW500 and FLOW2000 models.

The main characteristics of the lighting equipment FLOW10K:


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