Why does a photographer need a portfolio site?

Why does a photographer need a portfolio site?

Let’s see how the site differs from social networks and what important needs it solves for a modern photographer. This, of course, is not about the “stupid one-page business card website”, but about the right high-conversion portfolio website for a photographer!

Portfolio should be separated from your public life!

Suppose you go to the photographer’s account on Instagram and see: children, cats, selfies, various reposts and discussions, and among these photos you need to find professional photos, to understand in which genre the photographer works most. Honestly, the task is not an easy one and it takes a lot of time, try it yourself). For a wealthy Client who wants to find all the necessary information in a couple of clicks, services, cost, conditions for submitting photos, etc. – viewing a social account turns into a real quest for the separation of the important from the everyday, including the search for the necessary information, agree?
Even a separate business page in social networks cannot fully solve this problem, due to limited functionality. Plus, the quality of pictures that are tightly cut by social networks leaves much to be desired.
Your product is your photo and a person buys you first of all with his eyes! All social networks are necessary to indicate to them one single link under all posts to your personal portfolio site, which should already give complete and detailed information about you.
What exactly it should be and what needs and tasks it is intended to solve, we will analyze in order in this article.

Disadvantages of social networks

Being within the social network in the photographer’s profile, your client can go to any person who leaves a comment with the avatar he likes, receive a message in the messenger and go to another page forever, losing your profile!
In the case of a transition to your personal site – a person will not be distracted by third-party links and transitions! And being distracted by your own messages, your site remains open in its browser, as you completely abstract the client and immerse him exclusively in your portfolio.
World studies have shown that website conversions are many times better than any social network!
I think that you yourself, when searching for, for example, an iPhone, having stumbled upon a seller’s profile in social networks, show less trust and interest in him, and to a greater degree give preference and place an order for the same product on a solid and separate website with all the complete information .
Your acquaintance with a client in social networks is like a meeting in a public park with a lot of strangers, and a personal website provides you to hold the same meeting, but in your separate and comfortable office, where nothing distracts you from concluding a successful transaction with a client .
Even if you run and broadcast advertising of your services on Facebook and Instagram, driving advertising traffic only to your social account, you pour 80% of your advertising budget into the pipe. Since the conversion and receipt of customers through a personal website is 5-7 times higher. Try to launch advertising on your personal site, or in your social profile in a prominent place and place a link to your personal site under each post. You will receive much more applications and user engagement. And further enclose yourself from the mass of empty correspondence about the cost, list of services, number of photos, etc. All this information will be available on your site. Get more customers with less advertising costs and significantly save your valuable time on empty correspondence with customers!

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